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I have just spent three days in Amsterdam and what an adventure it has been! I love Amsterdam – the beautiful canals snaking their way around the city, the elegant houses overlooking the streets, the thousands of bicycles owning the roads – and more often than not getting angry at you for walking on what you thought was a pavement but was in fact a cycle lane..
On arriving at the airport, we managed to (4 hours later and one journey in the opposite direction later) find our way to hostel and after checking in and freshening up, we headed out to explore the city. It being 10.00pm by now, we IMG_6615-2.JPGstraight away wanted to find somewhere to eat so after a good meal we were ready to discover the Amsterdam night life. And it is crazy. So many people milling around, bright lights and possibly what excited me the most, vending machines which allow you to buy burgers and snacks right there in the middle of the street. Food coming out of the wall! Whatever next.
We spent our first morning desperately seeking somewhere to eat some food. After a short ride on a boat, we stopped off at a cafe called Mashua which overlooked the canal. We enjoyed a glass of fresh orange juice and a delicious meal which I wanted to re-eat once I had finished. So good.
We then, after a few wrong turns, found our way to the Electric Lady museum. The only way to describe this place is as follows; a tiny basement room full of things which glow in the dark when under UV rays. Oh and you have to wear some strange slipper shoes which you know, are designed to make the experience that just more pleasurable. Not my cup of tea – seemed slightly pointless if you ask me, however I did enjoy the pretty colours.IMG_6654.JPG


Our few days in Amsterdam also included a visit to the Van Gogh museum, plenty of rides on the tram (whilst simultaneously marvelling at how many bikes there were), a sunny afternoon spent in Vondel Park where I proceeded to fall asleep for 2hours and subsequently get sunburnt, and of course a visit to the Anne Frank house. We got up “early” thinking we were being super smart and would miss the queues but no, after three hours (including half hour where NO ONE was let in due to an “important person” being in there), we finally made it to the front. Was an amazing exhibit where you could go around at your own pace, absorbing the history – and definitely worth the long 3 hour queue. (However it probably would have been best to actually be organised and buy tickets in advance but that’s neither here nor there….)

Next stop Berlin!





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