A ‘lil Bit of Santorini Sunshine

Big sister number 1 only went and got engaged at the end of last year and never one to wait around, the wedding was organised and ready to go by May. Fast worker, my sister.

The wedding took place in Santorini – so a chance to kill two birds with one stone – get a tan and get hitched. Not a bad deal really.

blue roof

A Room With A View

Flights were hastily bought and hotels were eagerly booked – a tad too eagerly in my case. Confident in my ability to go as cheap as possible having just returned from Australia a penniless pauper, I found a great deal at a hotel for £170 for the week. Wow, I thought – a hotel with a pool, a view- what more could I want? I scoffed at my other family members for spending hundreds on fancy hotels, secretly thinking that I had found a marvelous deal – who needs luxury when you’ve got a hotel with a pool in Greece for under £200? Boy was I wrong.

The hotel, as it turned out, wasn’t quite what it seemed online. It was fine, don’t get me wrong. But you don’t want, just “fine” in Santorini now do you? You want The View- the blue rooftops, the sparkling sea, the lego building blocks making up a picturesque, cliff hugging array of white buildings – you know, all that jazz.

So sitting in the room, with a view of a crane and no sea in sight, debating a shower in which I had to hold it above my head, I thought to myself – “No, I am no longer the money-saving, hostel sleeping, budger-seeking traveller of my past, I have a full time job and a bit of money to spend – I deserve a decent shower dammit” – so with bags in hand and a slight push from the Mum to splash out, I promptly booked a room in Afroessa -without giving myself time to think about effect that this would have on my bank account. How wildly spontaneous of me – I think I was high of the toxic fumes of taking a nice shower and sitting on a balcony in a white fluffy robe whilst drinking a beer and gazing into the distance. Can’t blame me really.



Anyway, I am wildly off topic. Santorini is a stunning place and a gorgeous venue for a wedding. Sunshine-filled days were spent exploring the island. Ambling around Imerovigli, squeezing between the tourists and strolling around the shops, filling up on ice cream and souvlaki.

Then there were the days lounging by the pool, the days sitting on a sun-kissed balcony reading a book and experiencing That View and the days going further afield – driving to Oia to see the sunset and the road trip to see Akrotiri – the remains of a settlement destroyed by a volcanic eruption – to the Red Beach and to Perissa to see the Black Beach.

A Stunning Santorini Bride

And then of course, there was the wedding day, which was simply magical.

My sister looked beautiful -and quite possibly the happiest I have ever seen her. As the happy couple said their vows against a backdrop of sparkling sunshine and a soundtrack of the father of the bride and the two mothers sniffling away, it was easy to see why they chose a place as charming as Santorini to start the rest of their lives together.

Big sister number 2 is up next…The Mediterranean anyone?

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