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Spa-ing at The Holm House Hotel

Fridays are for Spa days 

At least that’s what I believe anyway. I think it’s never not a good idea to book a day off work, indulge in a long weekend, grab your nearest and dearest and head to a spa for a day of relaxation. What can I say? I’m a lady of leisure, and I love it.

This time, it was Holm House Hotel in Penarth. With my sister in toe, we drove over early morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed in order to take full advantage of our day. We had chosen the Sunrise Package – this included a spot of breakfast and a cup of something warm. Situated in the lounge with ceiling to floor windows overlooking the Welsh sea, it was the perfect way to start our day.

Next, we were kitted out in cosy robes and made haste to the relaxation room. We seemed to have the luckiest of mornings – the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the sea was dreamy. This meant we were able to head out onto the balcony and read our books in the Autumnal sunshine. My favourite type of morning.

Afer a dip in the pool and one too many attempts at an Instagram worthy Boomerang, it was time for our treatment – a leg scrub and a shoulder, back and arm massage. An hour or so was spent indulging in our treatments – well I say an hour, but I can’t say how long it was because I was massaged into oblivion, but isn’t that the point of spa days? To relax so much, all sense of time just disappears?

A long morning spent at the Holm House Spa was the perfect was to finish off a week of work. An idyllic location, a beautiful building and some pretty lush views – this spa is definitely on my list of top spas in Wales. Spa and Afternoon tea anyone? I’m game if you are.
I wish Friday Day Spa Day was an every Friday kind of thing.

Fajita Friday

Fajita Friday is my favourite kind of Friday. And Fajita Friday seems to be happening more and more often recently.

I’m just going to put this out there – I am not a very good cook. Well, actually, not to blow my own trumpet but I have improved greatly since my first year of university where my ability to mess up cheese sauce was a given. But now, not only can I cook a cheese sauce to perfection (most of the time), I can now follow step-by-step recipes to put together things like coriander chicken curry and lasagne and roast dinners. I know, be impressed. Let’s just not talk about last week when I attempted to make a fried egg only to burn it and subsequently set off the fire alarm. Oops.

Anyway, moving on.

Fajitas are one of my favourite meals and they are pretty hard to mess up. So, one night me and my housemate, Megan, decided to host a Fajita Friday Wine night. We spent a week getting overly excited about eating masses of food and drinking large quantities of wine, planning our menu for the night and getting even more excited. The week dragged – a week of lectures, the occasional jog along the sea front (I’m a changed women, what can I say. Living by the sea is obviously doing something to me) and a week of boring meals which seemed like dog food compared to our delicious Friday night plans.



Friday finally came around so after spending the day being good students doing work, and not watching Lost (cough), we made our way to Asda to stock up on what we needed for our Mexican dinner. We then spent the latter part of the afternoon preparing nachos with lots of cheese and peppers, ready to put in the oven once our guests arrived and of course, the delicious fajita mix. We chose the lazy boy option of buying a ready to make pack so everything was ready to go just in time for our first guest, Katie to arrive. Equipped with a bottle of wine, chocolate cheesecake and Dairy Milk Oreo, we allowed her into the house and had a quick catch up over a frozen cocktail. Our final guest, Louise, arrived with another bottle of fancy wine (ooo posh, not like the usual £3.00 drivel we usually buy…) so we heated up our food and tucked in.


We ate a lot of food. A lot. Once everything was finished, we sat back with bloated stomachs, groaning and complaining that we could never eat another thing again before wondering how soon we could crack open the chocolate cheesecake. After a quick trip to pick up some more wine, which was flowing fast, from the corner shop we switched on X Factor and guzzled down the cheesecake and it was pretty much the most delicious thing ever. Good job Katie, you can come again. I couldn’t stop eating it even though I was the fullest I’ve ever been in my life. I felt like Bruce Bogtrotter.

As we drank our wine and shouted at the X Factor judges for making stupid decisions, we wallowed on the sofa like post food binge sloths, making plans and wondering whether it was acceptable to start digging into the Dairy Milk Oreo. It definitely was.

Fajita Friday should be every Friday.