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The Tenth Hole

After a day of essay writing and pondering over some revision, what better way to end the afternoon than a trip to some local tea rooms to natter over a slice of cake and something hot?

My housemate and I headed over to The Tenth Hole tea rooms in Southsea in order to warm our freezing fingers with a mug of hot chocolate and warm our bellies with a massive slice of cake. What a glorious afternoon. I do love a good tea rooms.

Our first time to the tea shop, we were pleasantly surprised, even making the rash declaration that this, was indeed better than our usual cafe haunt. Located close to the sea side, the outside area was open to the fresh breeze but rather than feeling harsh and cold, the cute fairy lights surrounding the area made for a Christmassy and snug feeling. However, due to my freezing fingers and shivering frame, we decided to head into the warm comforts of the inside.

The choice of cakes was marvellous. So many choices, so little time. It really was a hard decision. My thoughts eventually settled on a delicious looking carrot cake with fluffy icing which oozed deliciousness and yumminess. To drink, we both went for a steaming mug of hot chocolate – with all the trimmings. Why not…When In Rome right?

We made for a table and enjoyed the snugginess of the inside, cooped up against the cold winter winds and waited impatiently for our hot chocolates, eager to warm up our hands. Well I was anyway. My house mate was like a furnace, making me rather jealous and rather sad that I was cold and shivering. Hard times.

The cake was every bit as delicious as it looked – a massive slice, a slice so massive I couldn’t even finish it. And that’s saying something because I always finish cake. It almost hurt me to leave a little. The hot chocolate, was immense. Topped with cream and marshmallows (making it difficult to drink without getting cream on your nose), my body was instantly warmed and I felt instantly happier. You’ve gotta love a hot chocolate.

So, with our bellies full and our hands significantly warmer, we made a move to leave, avoiding eye contact with the array of cakes which were staring at us and made the decision to head there again soon in order to try out the lunch menu. Or perhaps the afternoon tea. Or maybe another slice of cake?

Oh man. Why did I only discover this place in my final year of university?

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Madeleines with Madeleine

So in my first year of university, in the heat of exams, with stress level rocketing and study blues slowly settling in, I came across Manna Tea Rooms. I drank one of the most beautiful Malteser milkshakes I have ever experienced in my life and I have never looked back since.

I’ve tried introducing every person I meet to this beautiful Malteser milkshake and they don’t take me seriously, they don’t understand how truly amazing this milkshake is – I realise I may be coming across as slightly dramatic, but seriously, it’s an actual taste sensation.

Manna Tea Rooms is a lovely little cafe opposite Portsmouth cathedral, with friendly staff and great food. So two years later, with my sister Maddie (hence the extremely witty blog title. That was all her by the way) in Portsmouth for the day, I finally had a chance to take her to this cafe and force her to drink the delicious Malteser shake, and boy, was she excited. I watched tentatively as she took a sip of her milkshake, excited to see her reaction and yeah, she pretty much enjoyed it. Although it wasn’t quite the reaction I expected. I think I put too much pressure on her. My bad.

2014-11-07 15.48.30

But the fun doesn’t stop there. After eating some pretty good toasties – pulled pork (yum) with crisps and salad, we saw a notice advertising Spanish hot chocolate served with Madeleines to dunk. How could we refuse that? Would be rude not to really.

With no shame, we placed our order and waited expectantly, ignoring the chocolaty sicky feeling in our stomachs. And then they arrived. I practically fainted at how good they looked. Thick, gloopy chocolate filled to the rim with delicate little Madeleines on the side, designed to look like hearts, perfectly dunkable and perfectly delicious, or as Ross Geller describes them “lighter than air”. And they really were.

By this point, we were basically a human chocolate fountain,  so feeling a bit of a chocolate high, we ignored the enticing calls of the cakes and brownies on the counter and paid the bill ready to escape the safe haven of chocolate land and head into the freezing, rainy Portsmouth streets. Good job we had that hot chocolate to keep us warm, hey.

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