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Cardiff’s Wok & Go

I headed straight to Wok & Go after a tiring shift at work, my stomach grumbling in anticipation as I pushed my way through the busy Cardiff streets. I made it in one piece and browsed the menu, trying to decide what I wanted to indulge in. Wok & Go is definitely the place to go if you’re after some authentic Asian dishes at great prices. With huge amounts on the menu  – with everything from rice and noodle boxes to soups, to salads, to ice-cream –  it’s difficult to decide what tickles your fancy. Staff are happy to help and aromatic dishes sizzle in the background as your chosen dish is freshly cooked directly in front of you.  I opted for a Pad Thai box- a dish I knew I loved after spending time in Thailand during my gap year and practically living off it. I placed my order, throwing in a side of chicken spring rolls (because why not) and waited excitedly, so hungry by now that I was tempted to hop over the counter and dive head first into the cooking dishes.

With woks simmering on the stove and an amazing combination of smells wafting through the store, I was so ready to tuck in, it was unreal. The wait was unbearable. Those quick ten minutes that my dish was cooked was the longest ten minutes of my life. But then, it was ready, and boy was I ready to Wok and Go. My order was placed in my hands, warm and toasty, nice and noodly and all perfectly succulent chicken, crispy broccoli and toasted peanuts. Portion sizes are mammoth (didn’t faze me of course, I aim to take on everything) and placed in handy takeaway boxes equipped with chopsticks or for all the less chopstick abled people out there, a plastic knife and fork (side note: I have never been so proud to eat a whole meal using just chopsticks – Thailand taught me well). Perfect. Now all I had to do was brave the busy Saturday night train out of Cardiff City Centre before I could finally tuck in.

I swear if I could eat Pad Thai and only Pad Thai for the rest of my life, I totally would.

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