Ahhh, Sydney

So, I am finally here in Sydney. And it’s awesome.

After months and months of working and earning money and dreaming of Australia, it feels so good to finally behere and relax and explore Sydney.

After nearly falling asleep during the famous Sydney New Years Eve fireworks due to a severe case of jet lag, we are finally feeling on top form again and are truly loving this city and what it has to offer.





Although I’m not too fussed on the intense sun burn I am currently sporting. I think my skin is allergic to suncream. Copious use of the factor 50 and I still look like I’ve been living on the sun for 5 days. Sigh. Curse my pale skin.

However, we have had a break from sunshine here in these past few days and instead have been dealing with torrential rainfall. Which I suppose my poor sunburnt skin is grateful for.

Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been up to so far including standard tourist photos outside the opera house, chilling in Darling Harbour, ambling around Royal Botanical Gardens and The Chinese Garden of Friendship, the Sydney Aquarium, marvelling at the Harbour Bridge at Campbell Cove and generally sunbathing in Hyde Park (oh so maybe that’s why I’m so sunburnt. Oops).




I don’t think I’ll ever tire of these views.

Next few days holds adventures including a trip to the Blue Mountains, sunning ourselves on Bondi Beach and a climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge…..

Sydney, I love you.

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