California Here We Come

Here’s a cheeky little throwback piece to that time I went to California. Once I had finished school, and most of my friends were heading to university, I decided to take a gap year, work for a bit and then head off travelling. Travelling alone was terrifying but once I got out there, I completely forgot about everything I was worried about and ended up having one of the best experiences of my life. I kinda wish I could do it all again.

First stop was America, or Los Angeles to be exact. I’m not going to lie, I spent the weeks before I left, dreaming about fact that I was going to California – the land of 90210, of The O.C – where life is glitzy and shiny and perfect. And to be fair, Los Angeles is pretty cool, but not exactly what I was expecting. The beach was beautiful – all golden sands and swishy palm trees and shimmering seas. Although the days I was there, it was blowing a gale, with streaming sunshine and sand hitting me in my face. Very glamorous.

I spent my time in Los Angeles doing all the typical tourist stuff – Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier, Getty Museum, Venice Beach etc, and it was all pretty impressive. I was more impressed with that fact that I managed to find my way to all these places. Well, to be fair a tour bus was included on one of the trips. And most of the others I basically followed this girl who I met in my hostel room as she seemed to know exactly where we should be going. I did however find my way to Malibu all by myself which I was rather proud of. I was half expecting to see Charlie’s house from Two and a Half Men but, nope. I did see dolphins though. And surfers. Lots and lots of surfers. God Bless America.












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