Meet Emily Donnan Courtade

Not bragging or anything, but I have a friend who’s this close to becoming Miss Wales 2015. A beautiful friend. A beautiful, brainy friend. A beautiful, brainy and all round amazing person friend.


So, Miss Emily Donnan Courtade; Cardiff born, Cardiff bred, the beautiful genes of a Spanish princess, the brains of a final year law student, motivated, generous, hard working and yeah, okay, she can be quite funny sometimes.

Wait, why am I friends with her again?

With her natural beauty, easy going personality and giving nature, it’s no wonder she’s powering her way through each stage of the competition. A dedicated law student, Emily uses as much time as she can partaking in charitable organisations, more recently running in the Cardiff Half Marathon where she was raising money for Raleigh International, a organisation she’s had experience with before. Last summer, Emily volunteered to travel to the heart of the Costa Rican Jungle with Raleigh and spent the summer building a school for the young children who lived there, describing it as one of the most incredible experiences ever. This eye-opening experience only propelled her to dedicate herself more and more to charitable organisations, designed to improve the lives of people everywhere, and is already planning her next trip, to Nepal as part of a Childreach programme.


A hardworking Law and French student at Cardiff University, Emily spent a year studying in Toulouse, where she built on her knowledge of the French language as well as experiencing the wonder that is Law…in a foreign country. Crikey. I couldn’t even stand Law for the three weeks I studied it in England, let alone doing it in a foreign country.

Not only is she one of the best friends a girl could have – full of fun, laughter and jolly good times, she’s also a huge family girl, who loves to spend as much time as possible with the people she loves the most. With roots from El Salvador, she travels there as much as possible in order to spend time with her close knit relatives.

So there she is. Miss Wales Finalist 2015; Miss Emily Donnan Courtade. Full of happiness and giggles, kindness and aspirations – this is the girl who is taking Cardiff by storm, this is the girl I’m proud to call one of my closest friends, this is your Miss Wales Finalist, 2015.



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