Lovely Ljubljana

Well, well, Ljubljana was just something else. Despite the hurried decision to extend our trip to Slovenia, I was never really sure what to expect. But Ljubljana has some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and is definitely worth a visit.

Our first day was spent walking up to the castle which overlooked the city. Possibly the steepest hill I have ever seen but we (eventually) made it to the top, breathing heavily, sweating profusely and to a victorious applause from a group of people who were sitting there. We made our bows and after a slurp or six of water, we continued on our way. The castle showed off some spectacular views of the city so after a quick lunch of bread and ham, we ambled our way slowly around the castle walls. We sat on a ledge, dangling our feet over the edge and taking in the amazing view (sidenote: we weren’t dangling our feet into the abyss. It was a three metre drop..). 2014-08-20 18.29.19











Our time in Ljubljana also consisted off walking around the Emona village which is the remains of the historic roman town. Whilst following the guidance of an extremely unhelpful map, we finally found our way around all the key features including the village walls, the church and the museum, where we enjoyed putting on masks, dressing up as gladiators and as a cab driver (the history part was also very interesting. Of course). After our history lesson, we sat at a riverside cafe called Cacao which overlooked the triple bridge and ate the biggest ice cream known to man. It was delicious. I love ice-cream.

Whilst in Ljubljana, we experienced a thunder storm. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have experienced a thunder storm before. But Ljubljana just went all out. After finishing our dinner whilst sitting outside along the river enjoying the sunshine, we felt a few drops of rain. We shrugged our shoulders, assuming it would most probably stop. Boy, were we wrong. Starting to get heavier, we made the sound decision of heading inside the dry haven of the restaurant, sitting by the window and watching in awe as the rain pounded against the glass. Being British and polite, we gave our table up to a group of people who were squeezed around one small table so finished up, paid the bill and got ready to leave.

Hmmm, it doesn’t look that bad I said to a look of dismay from my friend
Oh come on, it’ll be fun, we’ve seen worse in Wales! 

And then…CRACK….the biggest crack of thunder I have ever heard in my life. I jumped a mile.

See? I said it’s only drizzle 

We waited a bit longer and then decided to brave the outdoors, thinking the rain had died down a bit. It hadn’t. Coat-less and umbrella-less-ness, we pushed our way through what I can only describe as monsoon rain, which soaked us right through to our skin. We soldiered on even as we saw people cowering in the safe dryness of restaurant umbrellas and ignored their looks of pity (or was it, “why are those girls so stupid?”). We made it to the bus station and applauded ourselves. And then hit ourselves for being completely idiotic. And then the rain stopped. Of course.
Once back at the hostel, we changed into warm clothes and found a comfy sofa to sit on where we proceeded to drink the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever had in all my life. It was literally just warm chocolate goo. It made up for everything. Man, now I want one. Congrats to BIT Center Hostel for making the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. And that’s saying something, because I’ve drunk a lot of hot chocolate.

Just outside of Ljubljana is Lake Bled. Lake Bled is a huge lake (funny that) which has a small island with a church on in the middle. With pristine, blue waters, the lake offers a different side of the hustle and bustle of Ljubljana centre life. Just an hour and half away on a train, it allows you to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the country. It took us around three hours to walk all the way around the lake, with a few stops along the way, including sitting on a jetty and looking out at the expanse of lake that was in front of us (and making friends with some ducks. Ducks are scary when they want to be fed).
Of course, no trip of ours is done without a dilemma so my shoe breaking whilst half way around just had to happen. I’m not even joking, my shoe actually broke in half,  leaving us (well, my friend) to sit on a bench for fifteen minutes trying to put it back together again using plasters. Surprisingly it worked. I helped of course. And by that I mean, I used my new found foot freedom to dip them in the crystal waters and enjoy the view. We eventually made it safe and sound back to where we started where it proceeded to start chucking it down with rain again. I, having learnt from my mistake had bought along a raincoat so was tucked away safely from the downpour. My friend, however, had not. I did try and warn her but whatever. No one ever listens to Megan.

For all you travellers out there, I would definitely recommend Lake Bled as a top place to visit. The photos don’t do it justice, you must see it to believe it! 2014-08-22 16.53.37 2014-08-22 17.36.14 2014-08-22 17.21.58


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