A Scottish New Year

A nine hour car journey was all that separated us from spending the last days of 2014 in my sister’s home in Aberdeen for a Scottish New Year.

Nine, long hours. Nine, long hours in a cramped car with the half the family. Hmm…now I love my family, don’t get me wrong. But nine hours in one confined place? It was going to be tough.

We emerged nine hours later, bleary eyed, numb-bummed, dead legged and wondering if we would ever be able to walk again without looking like the second man on the evolution chart. By this time, it was nearly 5pm, so resisting the urge to have a quick power nap, we headed to my sister’s flat and settled down for the evening, munching on cheese and crackers and a steaming bowl of delicious pasta.

New Year’s Eve was spent preparing for the evening, relaxing and eating, and eating some more. Myself, my sisters and my Mum headed to a blissful little place called Almondine, a family run cafe selling a rainbow array of handmade macarons. We indulged in the most exquisite hot chocolate which was quite simply perfection. And I realise I say that a lot about hot chocolate. But it really was amazing.

2014-12-31 13.26.51

The evening was spent dining on homemade pulled pork with homemade brioche and chicken marinated in different types of delicious spicy sauces. My sister is literally everything I want to be when I grow up. Homemade brioches? Homemade pulled pork? For Christmas she even made me homemade Nutella. And homemade bodyscrubs for other members of the family! She can do everything I swear. Setting impossibly high daughter standards since 1989 that girl…

After drinking copious amounts of wine, champagne and Mojitos, we headed out to see the Midnight fireworks which were pretty spectacular. Beautiful colours filling the sky marked a fitting end to a pretty great year – full of travel, family, friends and amazing memories. And uni work. And uni stress. And uni panic. Moving on…

2015-01-01 12.39.35 2015-01-01 10.52.01

So 2014 is over; a fabulous last few days of the year spending time with family before heading back to Portsmouth for my last few months in university before I graduate. Whilst that is a daunting and slightly terrifying thought, it only makes me all the more excited for 2015 to get under way! Here’s to 2015 and all the memories, good times, and most probably mistakes that come with it!

Happy New Year everybody!

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