Sunday in Salisbury

Father’s Day was spent in the picture perfect English town of Salisbury. Full of charm, picturesque houses and sunny skies, this was the perfect place to spend time catching up with family and enjoying the day.

The day was beautiful – blue skies and warm sunshine ensured that we could enjoy a picnic in the park which was bustling with people and overlooked by the famous cathedral. Salisbury is one of those quaint English towns that makes you feel like you’re in another world, like you’re walking through a TV set where everything is perfect and beautiful. The cathedral looms over the city, its vastness making everything else seem miniature, as though you’re walking through a matchstick village with matchstick people.

The cathedral entrance provided a few minutes (read twenty..) of entertainment due to the hanging lights which drop from the ceiling which change colours when sensing movement. Slightly random feature to pop into a cathedral, I must admit, but then again, just makes it all the memorable. Of course, the inside is beautiful – the afternoon sunshine streamed through the elegant stain glass windows and the large, airy interior enforced a sense of peacefulness to the place. After spending some time wandering around the cathedral, we headed to the cafe for a drink – the cafe is located in a lovely position, we were able to sit outside in the cool archways away from the sun but with a wonderful view of the cathedral gardens.

So if you’re after a day trip to a beautiful city with bagsĀ of charm, Salisbury is the place to head too. A day spent here is a day well spent and definitely worth the 2 hour drive and queues at the toll bridge. Oh, it’s such a burden living in Wales and having to pay to go over a bridge….

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