Tea & Cake at Waterloo Tea

I love afternoon tea. After going out for dinner, it’s got to be one of my favourite hobbies.

So being a serial afternoon tea-er and having tired the majority of tea rooms in Cardiff, Waterloo Tea seemed the obvious place to head. With shops located around Cardiff, I headed to the ones in Roath. The shop itself is relaxed and spacey, and was brimming with people enjoying the sunny day and indulging in afternoon treats.

First, we chose our cake. Which was a really tough decision. Carrot cake, double chocolate, brownie, lemon and lime….choosing just one from this wide range of deliciously tempting slices is difficult. But a decision had to be made. I went for chocolate and salted caramel (I am currently obsessed with salted caramel, it is literal Heaven), my friend lemon and lime and then we were taken to a table where we were given a menu and told to choose what tea we wanted. All their teas have been carefully and specially chosen in order to ensure that it is the best that it could be. With lots to choose from, I went for the normal Waterloo Breakfast. Slightly boring but hey, I like what I like.

The tea arrives in adorable tea pots (which I really wanted to steal however I thought that that might be a bit frowned upon) and with a timer so that you can wait until the tea is perfectly brewed and ready to drink. And then, the food arrived. A three tier plated stack of finger sandwiches, our chosen cakes, massive scones with jam and cream and even little chocolate truffles. We basically inhaled it all within about fifteen minutes. Eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs but it was definitely totally worth it.

Everything is home made which makes it all the more enjoyable and is relatively cheap at just £15 per head. They also do gift vouchers (which is what I used – thanks Dad – my family know me too well..) and you can even book out the shop for afternoon tea parties. Now that sounds like my kind of party.

Afternoon tea is so damn good. And Waterloo Tea is simply the best. Hats off to you, I’ll be seeing you every afternoon for the rest of my life.

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